"Too Human"

by Soft Haze

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released September 10, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Rolla Olak and Jensen Gifford at Tone Shed Studios in Vancouver, BC.

Porter Bommes: Vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Ian Kinakin: Rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Scott Postulo: Bass
Jeremy Futter: Drums



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Soft Haze Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Time
Kill the fucking kings.
They tell you who to be.
There’s nothing that you need.
Burn down everything.

Cause time is up to you cause you’re special.
Time is up to me. I’m so special.
Time is up to us. We’re fucking special.

Walk the easy streets.
Grab just what you need.
Kill the fucking kings.
Burn ideologies.

Cause time is up to you cause you’re special.
Time is up to me. I’m so special.
Time is up to us. We’re fucking special.
Track Name: Too Human
Lost the will, the will to fight.
Melancholy and it feels alright.
Nothing’s static and nothing’s clean.
Too human to feel a thing.

Flocking to the herds
Swallow all your words

Lost the will, the will to live.
Too empty to feel a thing.

Swallow all your words.
Too human to be heard.

Feeling a little fire.
Hanging from the wire.

Nothing gets me clean;
Absorbing everything.

Hanging from a string.
Touching everything.
Nothing’s ever clean.
Too human to believe.
Track Name: Love Song #5
Cut my neck and cut my arms.
I will do you too much harm.
Cut my chord and cut my will.
Darling, be my little pill.

I’m still numb and I want more.
I want your love I want to be your whore.

It hurts just a little too much.
I can’t get enough.
All I know is that I’m losing touch.
Oh Annette my dear, nothing feels sincere.
I just feel that I need you here.

Cut my dick and cut my heart.
Tear this little boy apart.
There’s no even place to start.
There’s no end there is no art.
Track Name: Bacon (or Vices)
Back on the bacon, sure as hell not faking, I feel fine.
Back undercover, I’ll be here all night.

Back on the wagon, my skin keeps on dragging and it feels fine.
Back in the habit, I’ll be alright.

As sure as you go now baby, I can’t be the one.
You’ve been the weight thats held me here for so long.

Back in the attic, looking for some static to give me some life.
Back on this old shit, but I’m doing fine.

I feel fine baby.
I’ll waste my mind.
It’s all a lie.
Nothing will be fine.

I feel it now.
I feel the sound.
I feel it now.
I feel the cloud.